VVC Pool Fostering narrows field of Candidate Pool Facilitators

MC-IF sponsored activity maintains goal of selecting single facilitator for VVC-essential patents

BEAVERTON, OR 30 November 2020.    The 47 companies participating in VVC Pool Fostering met last week to discuss the proposals made by candidate facilitators offering to form a pool covering patents essential to the VVC standard.  VVC Pool Fostering is an activity sponsored by MC-IF.  At their meeting, the participants decided to not to proceed further with one candidate facilitator, taking forward three remaining candidates.

As next steps, the participants in VVC Pool Fostering have developed a set of additional questions addressed to the remaining candidates and called for a second round of presentations to the group during the first week of December.  The objective of VVC Pool Fostering is to select, by consensus, a single facilitator that will complete promptly the formation of a pool with a critical mass of VVC-essential patents. Read more >>>


The Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) is an open industry forum with the purpose of furthering the adoption of MPEG Standards, initially focusing on VVC, by establishing them as well-accepted and widely used standards for the benefit of consumers and industry. Any party that supports MC-IF’s goals is invited to join the Forum! MC-IF will work on the non-technical aspects of deployment of media standards, notably including licensing, by facilitating cross-industry discussion. It will also be a hub for information related to implementations, tools, and guidelines for usage of VVC and related standards.


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