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The Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) is an open industry forum with the purpose of furthering the adoption of MPEG Standards, initially focusing on VVC, by establishing them as well-accepted and widely used standards for the benefit of consumers and industry.


​In a joint effort with ITU-T’s Video Coding Expert Group, MPEG recently started to develop Versatile Video Coding (VVC). VVC is the next major international video coding standard, anticipated to be broadly deployed in a wide variety of applications, including streaming, broadcast, cinema, gaming, video conferencing, and surveillance. The VVC standard is expected to be the perfect complement to emerging delivery protocols and networks, such as 5G, enabling the delivery of higher quality video services to an ever growing audience. MC-IF will initially focus on establishing VVC and related standards as well-accepted and widely-used standards, for the benefit of consumers and industry.

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