MC-IF Broadcast and Streaming guidelines

MC-IF Interoperability WG has published first release candidate (v1.0-rc) of the VVC technical guidelines for broadcast & streaming applications which aim to:

  • cover best practices of VVC configuration in terms of functionality and compression performance for industry relevant VVC-based profiles and interoperability points,
  • provide guidance and up to date information on VVC operating bitrate ranges for selected applications,
  • provide information on the usage of VVC with accompanying technologies e.g., such as Versatile Supplemental Enhancement Information messages,
  • advocate interoperability and seek commonality of VVC usage across transport and application layer standards and relevant industry guidelines.

Download the guidelines

This release candidate version (v1.0-rc) is available for community review. Comments and error reports against the technical guidelines can be submitted to: [email protected] by 10th November 2023.

If you’re interested in guidelines development, click to here for information about becoming an MC-IF member:

For any other queries send an email to: [email protected]