MC-IF Membership

MC-IF is an open international forum that will work on the non-technical aspects of deployment of media standards by facilitating cross-industry discussion. It will also be a hub for information related to implementations, tools, and guidelines for usage of VVC and related standards. Any party that supports MC-IF’s goals is invited to join the Forum.

Member class and associated annual membership fee:

  •   Regular Member - $8,500 USD ($9,500 USD beginning January 1, 2020)

  •   Small Entity - $1,000 USD ($2,500 USD beginning January 1, 2020)

Small Entity Members have annual revenue less than USD $5 million

MC-IF Membership Agreements:

If you would like to join MC-IF, please send a signed membership agreement to:
    MC-IF c/o VTM Group

    3855 SW 153rd Drive


    OR 97003, USA

or scan the signed membership agreement and send it to:

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