The principal purpose of Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) is to further the adoption of MPEG Standards, initially focusing on VVC (Versatile Video Coding), by establishing them as well accepted and widely used standards for the benefit of consumers and the industry. The goal of MC-IF is to complement the longstanding, successful technical work performed in the MPEG ISO/IEC standardization group in areas that are difficult for a standards group to address, such as licensing. MC-IF unites some of the most productive developers of coding technologies with next generation media coding standard users from the entire media service and distribution ecosystem.

The objectives of the organization are to:

  1. Promote these Standards by making available information about them and facilitating access to marketing materials and tools, such as example implementations, testing materials, conformance tools, and best practice recommendations, and by creating industrial focus around the interoperable usage of these Standards.

  2. Provide for open international participation of all interested parties, on reasonable terms applied uniformly and openly.

  3. Provide a forum for, and encourage, the discussion of issues related to the licensing of intellectual property rights relevant to the deployment and use of these Standards, in the furtherance of the Purpose.

  4. Contribute the results of its activities to MPEG, ITU-T and other standards bodies as applicable.

MC-IF is an open international forum that will work on the non-technical aspects of deployment of media standards, notably including licensing, by facilitating cross-industry discussion. It will also be a hub for information related to implementations, tools, and guidelines for usage of VVC and related standards.

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