VVC Logo

The VVC logo has been developed by MC-IF for use on a royalty-free basis to assist in marketing the VVC standard. The logo is available in a range of colors and formats, and use is subject to the following terms and guidelines.

Terms of usage:

The VVC logo VVC™ is provided in a variety of styles and formats to suit different purposes. As a condition of using the logo, the following brand requirements must be adhered to:

  • Modification. Removal or alteration of any element of the VVC logo from the styles provided is prohibited.
  • Combinations. The VVC logo must not be combined with other words, images, or phrases to create a ‘lock-up’.
  • Color. Colors in the VVC logo must not be altered.
  • Size. Scaling of the VVC logo shall be done uniformly so that both the aspect ratio and relative dimensions and placement of elements within the logo are preserved.
  • Typography. Fonts used in the VVC logo must not be altered.
  • Clearspace. It is recommended that clearspace on either side of the VVC logo be at least the width of the stylized ‘V’ element, and clear space above and below the logo be at least the height of the stylized ‘V’ element. Also see ‘Combinations’ above. ​

MC-IF grants the user the limited right to use the VVC logo in conjunction with its products, services, or advertising purporting to comply with the VVC standard. MC-IF does not endorse any products or services, and MC-IF does not warrant or represent that devices or services that use the logo are in compliance with the VVC standard or will meet any particular performance levels. MC-IF is not the creator of the VVC standard, but seeks to promote awareness and adoption of VVC through the use of the logo and other branding efforts. The user shall use the “™” notation on the first or most prominent use of the term, and note the ownership in the related materials “VVC™ is a trademark of Media Coding Industry Forum.” MC-IF monitors use of its trademarks and will take action against companies that misrepresent or otherwise misuse MC-IF trademarks. ​ ​